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This is Not Just a Band

This is a Multi-Sensory Journey Through the World of Popular Electronic Dance Music!

The Electric Dream Machine Show

Electric Dream Machine is an entirely new and unique live performance show designed from the ground up to give a younger audience (youth - 45) an alternative to the same old guitar-based rock bands. This is Electronic Dance Music! The biggest drawing genre of music on the planet today!
Normally, a live audience could only hear Electronic Dance Music or "EDM" being played by a D.J.,  as the nature of EDM's multi-layers of synthesizers and effects would prohibit any normal band from performing the songs with any resemblance to the recorded songs.

The Characteristics of EDM songs are universal and expected. The entertaining layers of euphoric synthesizers, the unique sound of the bass drum, the pitch-change of the snare drum as the required energy risers take place, and of course, the creatively processed vocals that give Electronic Dance Music it's unique club feel.However, new technology has emerged onto the scene, changing the entire ball game.  The technical wizards who developed the Electric Dream Machine show have built a show that was previously thought impossible, by integrating the emerging technology into a live performance like no other.

Electric Dream Machine recreates the sonic acrobatics of a pulse-pound Dance Club or Electronic Music Festival, but live on-stage with a full band of talented musicians. The EDM Band takes the audience on a multi-sensory journey through the popular history of Electronic Dance Music from the late 90s to today. The band takes over the audience by stimulating all their senses. The driving beats of the band, the concept video wall synced to the exact beat of the music, and of course, the lights, lasers and LED elements.

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