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The EDM Band to Perform in Japan & S. Korea

Electric Dream Machine has been bestowed the honor of performing for The United States Armed Services in Japan and South Korea for their big Independence Day Celebrations. The overseas military bases in Asia have planned a number of events over the 5 day "july 4th" weekend. These events are expected to draw THOUSANDS of Service men and women, along with the civilian support folks in the region.

Electric Dream Machine's agent, Michael Twombly, a USN veteran, who has a working relationship with various U.S. military bases around the globe, was asked if his talent agency had any shows that were "new" that the younger service men and women would relate to. The entertainment director at the bases explained that the average service member is between 18 and 25 years old, and the bases wanted to offer something other than "classic rock" from the 70s and 80s. ( their dad's music, was a phrase often heard). Mr. Twombly responded that "YES, I have the PERFECT act.. Check Out Electric Dream Machine - The Electronic Dance Music Party". The powers-that-be agreed and immediately started the exhausting work on planning the logistics to bring the show over from the USA. The cast, performers and DJ will be landing in Tokyo on June 29th, getting in a quick rehearsal and performing in Northern Japan on June 30th at the Masawa Airbase. The will return to Tokyo the next day, have a day to see the city, and possibly perform at Tokyo's l#1 EDM Nightclub ( negotiations pending ). After Tokyo, cast and crew will fly into Seoul, South Korea and deliver the full EDM Party experience to the thousands in attendance. "The cast is super excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" Says show producer Ian Patrick Cler. "It is the dream of almost every American band in existence to play shows in Japan".

(Ian Patrick Cler of Electric Dream Machine) We will be sharing the band's experience as it happens. Stay Tuned for the upcoming photo and videos dumps as they occur.

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